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Public Safety

Buddy stands with first responders, teachers, and all public employees who want no more than retirement security after a work-life of public service. Let’s not take advantage of their public service dedication and send them out the door with an insecure retirement. We know we can fund our current pension obligations, while maintaining retirement security for our bravest and brightest public servants.



Buddy stands with public school teachers and educators who are fighting to elevate our public schools to higher levels, to build the kind of school system, pre-K through postsecondary, that attracts families and businesses to Kentucky.


Against Tolls

Buddy stands firmly against 65th district residents and Northern Kentuckians paying tolls to cross any Ohio River thoroughfare.  We need a broader, more prospective, view of transportation issues; one that encompasses the entire region and considers all modes of transportation, as they exist now and in the foreseeable future.


Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

Buddy stands with our small businesses, our entrepreneurs, and innovators who want a 21st century economy that is fair, sustainable and robust for the long term, with investments in infrastructure and communities to bring out the best of what Kentucky has to offer.


Access to the Polls

Buddy stands for better poll access, whether that be restoring voting rights to felons who have paid their debt, or providing expanded voting hours for all voters.


Power to the Workers

Buddy believes Kentuckians should have a living wage, one that provides more than poverty subsistence for one out of four children, as things stand today.  So called right-to-work laws and eliminating the prevailing wage only further depressed wages. Kentucky needs more favorable labor laws to provide for safer workplaces and giving employees more of a voice at work.


Happier, Healthier Communities

Buddy wants the 65th district to become a shining example of where diverse communities come together to live, work, and play.

Medical marijuana’s time has come and Buddy stands to support its passage when it comes before the General Assembly.


Stability in the Pension Crisis

Buddy supports an equitable solution of shared sacrifice from the entire commonwealth without devaluing the incredible commitment from our public sector workforce such as our teachers and first responders.


A Better Tax System

Buddy stands for a fairer tax system that will provide the best schools, greater services for communities and families, and access to health care for all of Kentucky.  Tax breaks for millionaires should be rolled back.  Consumption taxes truly hurt lower and middle income families and ensure deficits and budget cuts.

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