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Twice-elected State Representative Buddy Wheatley has responded to the call of public service for more than three decades.  A fourth-generation Covington firefighter, Buddy retired as Covington Fire Chief and now works as an attorney for Kentucky's first responders.

Rep. Wheatley's comprehensive knowledge of issues facing Kentucky, the 65th District, and all of Northern Kentucky has contributed to major accomplishments as a legislator.  His resolve to keep tolls out of the discussion will keep hundreds of millions of dollars in the pockets of Northern Kentuckians when the new companion Brent Spence Bridge project is completed.

Rep. Wheatley's extensive experience and knowledge of pension issues, and the legislation he has championed, have brought a calming effect to what was once considered a major financial crisis in Kentucky.

Proven. Trusted. Leader.

The 65th District boundaries may have changed, bringing new challenges I look forward to digging into.  But what hasn't changed is my resolve to do well, and be the voice, for the communities I serve--Covington, Park Hills, Fort Wright, Edgewood, and Crestview Hills.

Buddy Responding to the Call

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